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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Splendid Sampler - Blocks 4 and 5

Block 4 involved quite a bit of applique and I chose to do more needle turn applique as this is the method I have the least experience with.  Consequently this block took me longer than usual, particularly as the pieces for the flowers are very small. The photo is not as clear as it could be but you get the idea!
I initially used a different green for the stems but wasn't really happy that colour so I decided to 'wrap' the stems with a darker colour and I quite like the end result.  You can see the different colours in this photo, the original on the left and the darker green on the right. I'm much happier with it now.
 and without the flash!

So on to Block 5! I was glad to see some piecing after all that close up stitching. My eyesight was not loving it as I haven't quite found the right spot for my magnifying light in our new home. I need to get another power board so I can do handsewing more easily in our family room.

I liked the look of this block so much I decided to make two in different colour combinations. I felt my blocks so far are quite white so I went for some colour with these two.
The first one uses one of my favourite fabrics from my layer cake and I included a smidgen of my white background fabric for the dividing strip.
The second one uses some colours that I haven't used much yet but there are plenty of them in the layer cake so I thought this was a good block to give them a run! My silver and white fabric is still in there though as I plan on using it in every block to tie everything together. Time will tell if that plan was a good one.
So up to date again. These were so easy I whipped them up after work tonight in no time.

I'm off this weekend for my six monthly sewing weekend with the girls. This time Doreen isn't able to come but my mum in law Betty is coming along and I'm sure she'll have a great time with us. The family is slowly taking over as out of 7 of us we now have 4 of us who are related!

As usual we will be off to Wallaroo staying at a beach house at North Beach with this awful view from my machine:
Oh the suffering!  See you next week.



  1. Your blocks looks great, I really love the stems!
    I hope you will have a lovely weekend even if it will be "painful" with that view! ;-)
    Hugs, Carin

  2. These weekends seem to come around very frequently, and you always seem to get a lot done while you have fun. I like how your "splendid" blocks are coming along. I haven't started yet, and at this stage may not be able to catch up..


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