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Saturday, 12 March 2016

Splendid Sampler Blocks 6 & 7

A little behind with these two but going away for a sewing weekend does interfere with blogging time - in a good way of course!  More to come on that in the next post.

Two very different blocks this time around. One all pieced and one all embroidered.

Block 6 is Focal Point and I decided to try and work some more fabrics in from my layer cake, in this case the button fabric. I also wanted the 'ring' in the block to be quite strong and I think the orange works.

Block 7 is Snug as a Bug - such a cute block! I decided to embroider my 'quilt' rather than use fabric as some others have done, although I did think about it. It was a bit of fun thinking up different patterns for the green blocks.  In the end I'm quite happy with it, although perhaps the teddy might have been better in a stronger colour as the pink tends to disappear into the background a bit.  I also decided to add a little love heart between the kisses in the border and also some french knots around each corner to give it a bit of a kick against my background fabric.
Here are all my blocks together:
There is a challenge on at the moment to finish the first seven blocks and share a photo on the blog so I took out one of the Simple Simon blocks (as I made two) and will enter this photo.
Next block is cut out and ready to sew: Block 8 'Friends Around the Square' - I'm also making two of those!

Sewing weekend wrap up next.

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