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Monday, 28 March 2016

Wrap Up on UFOs for March

My UFO project for March was to finish my scrappy star quilt top. I had made 12 blocks and had another 8 cut out ready to put together. I managed to get those done on my sewing weekend away but then I decided I needed to keep this quilt for myself and in that case it needed to be larger. So I added another 5 blocks which sounds so simple but they are quite time consuming to put together.

Anyway I got them done and put the top together.
It was too big for my design wall so I laid it out on the bed. You can see its a little small so now I've decided it would benefit from a border but before that the control freak in me can't leave those stars and diamonds around the edge unfinished before a border. So now I need to make quarter-blocks all the way around and then add the border I have in mind. That's too much to finish this month so once again this poor quilt ends up back in my UFO pile. I think I'll need to build up some more scraps, particularly in the low volume category before I get stuck into it again though. Oh well, it will be worth it in the end. I do love this one!  So my UFO is done but not done!

My other ongoing UFO is to use my crumb scraps up and this month's lucky colour is purple (so much better than brown which was last month's colour!). I managed to get six more blocks out of my scraps to add to the two I already had so I ended up with a total of 8 wonky blocks to add to my collection.
I have mostly also been able to keep up with my Splendid Sampler blocks although I do have a couple which still need hand finishing with embroidery. These are my latest ones.

Block 11 - Crocheted Thoughts 1
This is my version of this block using some pieces I had that my Mum made and I have kept. The outer circle is some tatting and the centre is a medallion which is a spare one from a crocheted doiley that she never finished.
I am also making another block with the suggested motif but I haven't quite finished that one yet.

Block 12 - Checkerboard
A nice easy one this one and I made it without even printing out the pattern!
I also have Pat Sloan's bonus flower pot block waiting for hand stitching. I look forward to sharing that one, its a cutie!

I still have to print out the Easter bonus block and Sunday's block as my printer is playing up.  I will have to wait until I get to work tomorrow to print those out. Shhh, don't tell my boss!


  1. Funny how a quilt seems to grow...
    loving the crumb blocks too....that "crochet" block will give you special memories...its lovely.

  2. Love your purple crumb blocks, I've gone off making large quilts (although I still have some UFO large quilts) I seem to get all hot and bothered wrestling them around and it is hard to lay them out on the floor without unwanted feline assistance :)

  3. Wow - your star quilt is beautiful, and I can certainly understand you wanting to keep it! Don't hide that one away - get it finished! Nice crumb blocks too - a good way to use up those little scraps! Thanks for linking up for the I May Have a Scrap Problem show-and-tell!

  4. Your scrappy stars top looks wonderful !! I wonder if you have it quilted by now? The crumb blocks are fun, it's fun to see all those purples together. The splendid sampler has been keeping you busy!


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