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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Splendid Sampler Update

While I have been keeping up with my Splendid Sampler blocks, I haven't been as good keeping up with the blogging about them so here are my last few blocks.

Block 8 - Friends Around The Square:

After all the hand sewing of Block 7 I was so happy to see a pieced block that I made two!
 Block 9 - Local Quilt Shop:

Initially I wasn't overly keen on this block as the right hand side made the shape of a H and I just felt like the windows were in the wrong place.  In the end I made it with the same pieces but placed my fabric so my window was in the centre. I found (after much searching!) a little sewing machine charm which I will put in the window once the quilt is all together. Just the right size! I had been going to embroider my blog name on the shop but found the perfect piece of printed fabric and used that instead. I like the striped roof, it reminds me of a corrugated iron roof. In the end I quite like the block after all!
Block 10 - Iowa

This was another block which I felt might need to be made twice. On looking back through my blocks I felt I needed more variety in my colours and as there are some larger pieces in this block I chose some of the larger scale prints in my layer cake. I think they work quite well.

So there we are, all caught up. I have been busy working on another project or two this week so will get back to these blocks afterwards. Block 11 has quite a bit of hand stitching so I will do that slowly during the week and there are couple of bonus blocks too.

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  1. You are doing well keeping up....I am behind....a lot!....maybe I will do some of them over Easter....I thought the same about the house and thought I would put the window in the middle like you. It's fun getting the blocks and watching the variations.


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