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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Sewing Weekend 2016

Once again our happy group of ladies made their way to Wallaroo for a relaxing weekend away sewing to our heart's content!

The weather was cooler at Wallaroo than back in Adelaide so we picked the right place to be!  The seagulls are always happy to see us too.
While I had a lovely weekend I didn't really feel that I achieved as much as I usually do. I was working on my UFO project for March which is to finish making this scrappy quilt. I had enough pieces cut out for 8 more blocks and it took me over 24 hours to make them! It didn't help that I kept sewing the first one together in the wrong order, again and again! I didn't want to put the top together until I had put them all up on my design wall and here they are.
I really like these blocks and I want to keep this quilt but the only problem is I would like it to be larger so now I need to cut up more bits and pieces. Hopefully another five blocks should be large enough. I really do wish I had chosen to make a larger block in the first place but I did want to get the maximum effect from the blocks.

I had taken some bag patterns and fabric but found it difficult to cut up the fabric using the smaller cutting mats available so decided in the end (after pfaffing around trying to fussy cut some pieces) that it would be easier to do it at home. 

Back in 2014 I won a kit for a spool wallhanging and I hadn't got around to making it but now that I have a dedicated sewing room I thought I really should get on to it.  
The instructions were a little convoluted and I felt they could have worded the cutting instructions more simply but the end result is quite cute. I didn't get it sandwiched but while it waits its turn it iss currently adorning my sewing room wall on my small design board.
So the sum total of my weekend achievements:
We did of course enjoy some tasty treats out on the balcony for meals - okay I know this photo looks like we only had a liquid lunch but I promise we did eat too!
Before we left we all laid out all our work. Clearly everyone else achieved a lot more than I did! (That's a bean bag Gaye is holding up by the way!).
We'll be back again in September and I hope to do better then.

On our way home the weather changed dramatically and we ran into a big thunderstorm and belting rain when we were almost home after watching the lightning all the way back. This photo was actually taken before it got really bad, we could hardly see where we were going at one point.
While it looked cold it was very humid and a week later it still is. Very un-Adelaide weather and it can leave anytime it likes. I love the rain but I don't like the humidity and neither does my hair!



  1. I absolutely love that quilt and think I will be well worth the extra blocks.. The little spool quilt is lovely too and will decorate your room nicely, if that's what you decide to dowithitxxx

  2. Your scrappy quilt looks fabulous Sue. But then I do love scrappy!! Your weekend sounds like great fun in a lovely part of the world.

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend, love the little spool block hanging.


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