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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

July UFO Projects - Christmas in July

Well my lucky UFO project in the Twelve in Fourteen quiltalong for July was No. 12 which was to use my Christmas charms which I received as part of an online Facebook group quite a while ago.

Seems appropriate, Christmas in July!

I decided to use them to make a couple of table runners.  The first was very simple and involved joining the charms on the diagonal. I decided not to add any wadding when I quilted this one, just a layer of fabric in between the layers. My reason for that is that I want to use this one on our outside table (not forgetting we have hot Christmases here in Adelaide!) and I plan to lay a clear vinyl tablecloth over the top to protect it so didn't want it to have much bulk.

The top is on the left and the back is on the right, although i think it would work on either side!

That only used up one pack of charms though so I had to make something else.

I chose to make a couple more table runners for inside this time. One in the darker charms and one in the lighter, brighter colours.  I didn't do any fancy quilting on them, just basic quilting to hold everything together.

This is the darker one, front and back:

and this is the brighter coloured one, front and back.


The fabric on the back of this one is really nice in real life. The bells have glitter on them.

Finishing the binding on these took 3 times as long as it should as the green I used to quilt them would not play the game when I wanted to use it in a fancy stitch around the binding. I spent an hour and a half unpicking the first side after I had to give up on that thread. The second binding session only took me 15 minutes to top stitch.

Aside from a couple of odd charms leftover these runners used up the rest of the charms, so objective achieved!  Another UFO month successfully completed!

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  1. nice to have some Christmas stuff done way before the rush of preparations begin reminds me i want to do a Tree skirt ..

  2. Love it! A three-fer, and you're ahead of the game for Christmas!

  3. Beautiful runners! You're way ahead when it is time for Christmas!


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