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Friday, 18 July 2014

Fabric Hand Me Down!

Its strange that before you begin quilting you think that its not a very popular hobby but once you start you discover quilters lurking everywhere!

I really don't know how we got onto the subject but some months ago I got talking about quilting with the teller at the bank where I do the banking for my work.  Whenever I end up at that teller we always chat about what we're up to and one day she asked me if I could make use of some fabric from a project of hers which didn't quite work out.

After a bit more digging it turned out that she had started making a project from a jelly roll but after cutting all the pieces and joining the centres of the blocks she found that the pieces which were to form the outer border of each block were slightly undersized. I did suggest that she should simply trim up the centres but by that stage she was over it and wanted it gone. So not wanting fabric to go to waste I said I would certainly make use of it.  Next time I popped into the bank she gave me a little bag of goodies (no free samples of the Bank's money unfortunately though)!

I'm not sure of the name of the fabric range but this is what was inside:

There were four completed blocks and all the completed 4 patch centres, along with the cut pieces for the borders and some extra bits and pieces.

I went through and selected which outer pieces were going to go with the 4 patch centres and started whipping up the rest of the blocks. I have never shirked from a bit of trimming to size and so had the blocks put together by the end of the afternoon. While some sides have sections which are a little short, nothing is too small so I'm sure it will all go together easily enough.

Next of course was the placement of the blocks. This is what I ended up with (don't mind the blue blanket, I stuck the blocks onto a polar fleece blanket so that I could pick it up quickly when the dog woke up!)

The obvious flaw in this layout is the fact that I'm short two blocks!  I do have some more pieces already sewn together that I can make 4 patch centres from but I don't think I have enough for the outer edges, other than in one of the fabrics which really doesn't seem to go with the others (it has quite large text on it). I may make up a block using it just to see for sure but that will still leave me one block short. I still need to make sure as just after I took this photo our 10 month old puppy woke up and planted herself square in the middle of the blocks and so I quickly packed everything away for safety.

You can see her lurking in the background earlier when I was taking photos of the blocks as I took them out of the bag!  I think she may have been plotting her raid even then!

This fabric is outside of my usual colour/fabric style but I rather like them all together. My sister in law is turning 50 in September and I'm thinking this is much more her style so I think it will be her birthday present.

My lovely bank teller also included some batik fabrics she didn't want. Not lovely bright batiks which I like but mostly browns and maroons etc. They may make good quilt backing fabric but I'll see. If I don't use them I'll make sure they go to someone who will. Nothing goes to waste in my house!

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  1. Nice hand me down and I love what you've done with it. Pieces of that fabric look vaguely familiar to me .I'll have a look in my stash to see if I might have bought the odd piece or two ...and let you know:)

  2. So much more fun to receive something from the bank, instead of giving to them! Great colours, wonderful job, the top looks great.

  3. I think that fabric is from a 3 Sisters range Sue, if you were wanting a bit to finish off your last two blocks I can probably help you out. Pip


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