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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Something New Sampler - Week 3!

Well, surprisingly for me I am managing to keep up with this sew along. Hopefully I can continue and finish a project with everyone else!  Has to be a first time for everything!

So for Week 3 firstly we had a Sashiko block tutorial by Jess at The Elven Garden. It was a technique I hadn't tried before, although I have done some embroidery and I tend to hand embroider my labels so I quite enjoyed the large stitching of this method.

Sorry, my block is a little crooked in the photo there! The stitching is actually blue, lime green and fuschia pink but it doesn't really show up all that well. I had a little bit of a look around on the net and found this design which looks like cubes when you look at it vertically, although in this photo to me it looks like stars.

Our second block this week came from Lindsay at Lindsay Sews.  I quite like the look of reverse applique but I am a bit concerned about whether the unfinished edges are going to be a problem long term. I guess it depends on how I end up using the blocks.  I wasn't sure what look I wanted for this one so I actually made two blocks, the first using white with all my circles coming from the same fabric:

Then I made a second block using a darker colour and using a variety of fabrics in the circles.

I'm not sure which one I like best! I love the pink one (especially my little fussy cut teacup poking through!) but I'm not sure if the bright pink will overwhelm the other blocks which have more white in them. The proof will be in the pudding I guess once they are all finished.

Next week we have trapunto and cathedral windows - both techniques I haven't tried before so looking forward to the next challenge!

If you'd like to see what everyone else has been coming up with have a look at the flickr group page.  There are some great blocks on there!

Thanks for dropping by today!


  1. The pink background really works wonders with your other fabrics. Now you can practice your shashiko stitching around your circles! Very nice work.

  2. I also like the fuschia background. I think I'm being sucked into more bright colours because my quilting soul is looking for Spring. :-) Very nicely done!

  3. You've had lots of fun this week, it seems! Whoop whoop for a lot of pretty things!


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