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Friday, 25 January 2013

Block Testing for Kristy at Quiet Play

For those who don't know Kristy at Quiet Play is a bit of a star with paper piecing designs!  Recently she came up with blocks for each letter of the alphabet in both upper and lower case and was looking for people to test the blocks.  You can see a post on Kristy's blog about this here!

The idea was that the testers would choose from a list of words (which altogether meant that every letter was tested) and then make a block with the letters in a colourful fabric on a bright white background.  Then these would be sent to Kristy who will put them together into a quilt to donate to one of the Tasmanian Bushfire victims. 

Great idea I thought so I chose a word and went for it! I chose an uppercase word as I thought it might be less fiddly but I think I could have managed a lower case one in the end too.

So can you figure out what word I chose?  I think it would be my motto if I had one!  Here's the A block up a little closer so you can see the fabric I chose - its brighter than it looks!

So what word did I make?

Once these have all been tested the patterns will be available on Kristy's Craftsy page. I think I'm going to have to order the lower case ones now!  I think they would be very handy to have.  On this occasion Kristy asked us to join the letters with just a 1/4" seam but I think the lower case letters would look great spaced more like actual words are spaced too.

The great thing about the pattern is that Kristy has included instructions on how to re-size the blocks to make them larger as well, so you don't just have to make this size, which is an unfinished 5.5" square.

A lot of people are very nervous about paper piecing out there in quiltland. Once you try it, its really not that difficult but I would suggest starting with something simple just to practice the whole technique.  Kristy is also having a BOM on her blog called And Sew On The first block in the BOM is quite simple and would be a good starting point.  Here is mine:

Why not come and join in the fun?  All the blocks have a sewing theme so at the end you will have a lovely wallhanging for your sewing space!

How do you feel about paper piecing?  Have you tried it?

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  1. Thanks for your lovely comments Sue! Your paper pieced blocks are looking so fabulous! Thank you for trying them out for me!

  2. Fun letter-piecing. I LOVE the word you created =)



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