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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Fabric Overload! Seriously, I think I need an Intervention!

Every year at Christmas my boss gives me a lovely cash gift and I like to keep it aside to fund my sewing addictions activities during the year.  (Last year I made the mistake of keeping all the receipts for all my sewing related purchases and lets just say that it wasn't pretty, neither was it less than the amount my boss gives me each year!)

Anyway, for Christmas I also received a couple of Spotlight vouchers as well so I hit the post Christmas sale and got some nice markdown bargains there.

 A little hard to see but these two are to put with my charms I received in the rainbow charm swaps on Rainbow Charm Swaps & More Group on Facebook which I'm a member of.  I had originally planned to use both plain black and grey Prima Homespun but when I saw the grey print on the left I decided that was just what I needed and at just over $4 per metre the price was right too!

This one is a little hard to see but its from the Sock Monkey range and made up of all the rainbow colours, so will be great for another quilt using the rainbow charms (I do have quite a few!).

One of my sons loves penguins so this one this ocean fabric might be handy when I finally get around to making a cushion for him with that theme in mind.

Well, I did need some deep purples for my January swap block for Quilting Block Swap Australia so the two on the left were perfect for that but the other two just called my name so home they came too! Bit hard to see but they are from the Sock Monkey range and they're litttle buttons - very cute!

Okay so far, all good, paid for with one of my vouchers (well plus a tiny bit of my funds!).

Well then I kinda got carried away and when I received an email from equilter.com kindly letting me know they were having their big end of season clearance sale (aren't they lovely to share that with me!) I just had to have a sticky beak of course. They seriously have the absolute best ever website for fabric I have come across for ease of use, accuracy of photos/descriptions and I just love shopping on there! Thank goodness you can only fit so much in an international envelope and I won't buy more than one at a time otherwise I might have been in really big trouble!

This was an absolute bargain though - 4 yards for $19! Its such a gorgeous buttery yellow and it has a large gold embossed pattern all over it. It looked amazing on the website but it really didn't do it justice!

I'm going to use this as a background for the handmade project I have on the go at the moment. I posted some photos of the blocks here.  The other fabrics are a combination of blues so this should look lovely and I like it much better than the fabric I was trialling, which I felt was a bit bland.

Well these called my name too - the green is lovely with gold highlights and I like to keep a range of greens on hand. Paisley - I love paisley, and blue so perfect for me and the butterflies are to use on a bag  for my girlfriend (which had been planned for Christmas last year but will definitely be done for this year - or else!).

Another green here (and only just over $2 for half a yard) and, well, the other one just jumped in there too, its so much nicer in real life - from the Oriental Traditions range!

Ahh, but it doesn't end there!  The next day (or very soon thereafter) I received a lovely email from Pink Chalk Fabrics letting me know they had put a whole lot of their fabrics into their clearance section, so what was a girl to do but have a bit of a browse? I have to say I do find their website not as easy to navigate as that of equilter but I do love their fabrics!

I just love these two! The one on the right has been trying to get me to buy it for some time now as each time I visit the site I put it in my cart but then I talk myself out of buying any more fabric. Well this time I didn't, so it finally made it to my place, its from the Anna Maria Horner Field Study range.

Well, need I say more? The centre two are Joel Dewberry Notting Hill Pristine Pop and the others are Christmas fabrics from Michael Miller, would you believe?

Pink and green is a combination I seem to be hoarding at the moment so for less than $2 I just had to have this one (on the left) and the one on the right is just so much nicer than I thought it looked on the website, so glad I bought it and wish I bought more now!

Well this Phillip Jacobs Begonia Leaves is just so gorgeous I had to have it, say no more!

I washed all these lovelies yesterday on our one mild day between some scorchers and this afternoon I spent, wait for it, 2 and a half hours ironing it all! I'm somewhat ashamed to say I had to buy another storage box to put it all in! Mind you, that's only because I had to use one of mine to put all my Thirteen in '13 UFO Challenge projects in (click here if you want to know more about the challenge).

So, what do you think? Intervention needed?
Oh, I nearly forgot - I received these two lovely fat quarters from the Rainbow Charm Swaps & More fat quarter swap for Christmas (at least I didn't buy these!):

Thanks for reading my blog today. No more fabric purchases for me for quite some time now, I'm not looking at those dreaded emails from fabric shops for some time!


  1. That's a great haul.You deserve every scrap. I tell my husband if i weren't buying fabric to keep myself amused he would have to do the amusing. He thinks he gets away quite cheaply. Better check your on line stores i hear Flat rate US postage is jumping by 40% , You'd have time for at least one more order before it takes effect

  2. Awesome fabric benders Sue! ;) And hey, you'll use it, eventually hehe!

    But I'm with you - I have to stop looking at these tempting emails and sales happening. More sewing, less purchasing! :)

  3. Wow! Some gorgeous fabrics there Sue! Looking forward to seeing what you make with them :)

  4. Great deals!! I feel your fabric pain, err, elation!


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