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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Happy Australia Day! (and a Union Jack!)

January 26th in Australia is Australia Day and today it falls on a Saturday so we not only have today but also a public holiday on Monday to celebrate!  We're off to my best friend's house for a BBQ tonight so looking forward to that!

A few weeks ago one of our lovely QCA members, Josh (aka Molli Sparkles) was looking for some helpers to test a tutorial he wrote to make an anatomically correct Union Jack.  Why anatomically correct you say? Because the diagonal stripes on a Union Jack are not actually centred.  He's a braver man than me Gungadin because I would never have figured it out but he did!

 Now while its not strictly speaking the Australian flag, it does take up a large chunk of our flag so he wanted to have the tutorial ready to post on his blog for Australia Day. So I took a crack at it and I just love the way it turned out!

I was lucky enough to have the perfect fabric for the red, I so love this fabric and really wish I could get more but unfortunately there is none to be had. I bought it many moons ago to use for Kieran's dragon quilt and don't have a lot left.

If you'd like to make your very own Union Jack, you can find the tutorial here on Molli's blog.

Anyway, I have a niece who is currently living and working in London (she has dual citizenship due to her Mum being born in the UK) so this is destined to end up with her once I find just the right project to use it in. So watch this space!

Thanks for stopping by and

Happy Australia Day!

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  1. Oh I thought you had whipped this up on Australia Day! It does looks good in these fabrics Sue. I hope to sew this one soon. Enjoy your BBQ and long weekend.Ours will be all wet here on the east coast - rats!


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