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Friday, 27 September 2013

Just When I Thought Things Were Settling Down...

In my last post I mentioned that my father-in-law George was finally being transferred to a rehab hospital closer to his country home, much to the family's relief.  Well, life is never straightforward and unfortunately after arriving at the hospital on Tuesday afternoon, he suffered a stroke in the early hours of the next morning and is now back in hospital (albeit a different one) in Adelaide.  He has weakness all on his left side and while out of danger now has a long road to recovery with physio (if we can keep him moving in that direction) before he will be anywhere near moving back to Murray Bridge.

Photo of George on his 80th birthday with my sons 
Simon and Kieran (who has a lot shorter hair now!)

My mother-in-law has decided to stay in Murray Bridge for now and travel down with whichever of the family is coming down to visit during the week.  Whether that changes down the road is anyone's guess.  So thank you all for your  well wishes earlier this week, however it seems he has more challenges ahead.

On a separate note, I did spend some time sewing on Wednesday to keep busy until we knew more and whipped up a few more broken herringbone blocks. 

This one was meant to be lime green but due to a shortage of fabrics in this colour it became more of a blend of greens that worked with lime green:

Then we have purple:

and finally this softer green colour (I don't even know what to call this colour but I found I had a collection of fabrics in this colour and went with it!)

These are the blocks I have so far:

I have some other strips cut up ready to put together when I get to them in yellow and blue, still collecting some teal and deep purple. I figure I'll just make blocks in what I have and play around with them until it looks right!

I need to think about what I'm going to do with these. I might even make a quilt for George, to brighten up his life a bit, although they're probably not really his colours.

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  1. Poor George, hope he makes a good recovery, such a worrying time for you all. Loving those herringbone blocks, You could raid my stash for additional strips of colour if you need to.

  2. Oh Sue, my sparkle thoughts are with George, family and you! If you need some colours shout out because I have quite a few left over!

  3. I am sure it would brighten up George's recovery no end.

  4. It's certainly cheerful, the poor love, it must be so hard for them


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