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Saturday, 19 October 2013

And Sew On - Done and dusted (well the flimsy is anyway!)

Well I haven't been blogging much lately due to too much going on in my personal life at the moment! Unfortunately I haven't been sewing much either but when Kristy at QuietPlay put up a reminder post about the And Sew On BOM finished projects I had to try and find some time to put my blocks together. 
I had completely forgotten about my blocks with everything going on in my life but the other day I found myself with some time as a planned visit to the hospital to visit my father-in-law couldn't go ahead as he had to go for some tests, so I took advantage of the small window of opportunity and set about putting these blocks together.
Luckily when I finished the last block I had played around with some layouts and had come up with my preferred one and taken a photo so all I had to do was find the right fabric for the sashing.  I had some blue fabric offcuts from backing my Stars Aligned quilt which turned out to be more than enough but I didn't like the way they looked on their own so decided to frame each block in white first.
I wasn't thinking too straight that day I think because I ended up doing quite a bit of unpicking after sewing a piece of blue sashing to both sides of every block instead of only one side.  Also I had planned on making the outer border slightly wider but did I? No, I cut them all the same and there was no way I was unpicking any more so I'll go with what I have!
Anyway, here it is!

All in all, I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.  The colours came together the way I had in mind, nice soft yellow with the stronger blue, spread around the quilt.  I love the way the white fabric frames each block and sort of pushes the sashing into the background.  Who knows when it will get quilted but seeing I don't actually have a sewing room to put it up in yet I guess there's no hurry!

Oh and for those interested in an update on my father-in-law, he is slowly recovering from his stroke and has now been moved to a specialised rehab unit for stroke victims. He is being forced (somewhat reluctantly) to try and regain the use of his arm and leg, no to mention his swallowing issues.  We have a family meeting with the doctors next week to find out how much improvement they believe he can make but he's most likely at best only going to make it to a high level care nursing home.  Unfortunately my MIL is not coping well at home either, being very forgetful, having issues remembering to take tablets and feed the dog to name a few.  It is difficult with half the family living in the city (where Dad is at the moment) and the others in Murray Bridge (where Mum is) and trying to juggle the visiting and monitoring Mum at home.  Another topic for the meeting next week.  So a long road ahead whatever happens.

Thank you all so much to those that have passed on your best wishes, I really appreciate your kind thoughts.  Having been through all this with my own parents 22 years ago I can see down the road how hard its going to get for the family.

Thanks for reading my blog, hopefully I can get around to some more blog posts. I have photos of some more rainbow herringbone blocks I made ages ago I haven't shared yet!


  1. Oh I love the blocks framed in white! That was a great idea! They look like framed pictures :)

    Gosh it sounds like a tough time for your family at the moment. Thinking of you!

  2. Such am amazing amount of work in your sewing room quilt, To me , the white borders makes it look like you are peeping into windows of each part of the room.

  3. The blocks look so good together - the white really sets them off and the blue ties it all together.

    Hugs for all the family issues. I think it will be a bit of a long road for everyone.

  4. Your wallhanging is just gorgeous! I love how the blocks all go together so well! I love blue and yellow and white!!
    Hoping your family heals ...

  5. Your wall hanging is fab!!! You are right the colors look super together.
    Dealing with aging parents is not an easy task, my thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. All my best wishes to you and your family.

  6. I also love the white frames around your blocks! I've been a fan of your blue and yellow since the first block, and it turned out beautifully! Now I need to get mine posted. Thinking of you and your family.

  7. It´s wonderfull, your fabrics choise was great and the blue frame is great. I like it very much.

  8. it looks great, the blocks are all so unified and I love the sashing fabric.

  9. Fabulous quilt! Loving the colors and how everything looks so nice together. Wonderful!

  10. Oh. I like your sofisticated look. Very clean and matchy. Well done.


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