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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Hello, remember me?

Yoohoo! Its me, I'm back but who knows for how long.  I have had a reprieve a little this week from a whirl of crosstown hospital runs and I've managed a smidgen of sewing this week.  Yay! 

I've got to tell you I was starting to twitch without sewing for so long! (Well it was probably less than two weeks but it felt like forever!)

Anyway, what did I do when I did grab some sewing time?  Firstly I did do a little bit of quilting (with a little bit of swearing at thread breaking constantly) on Aunty Betty's quilt (remember this from my weekend away?):

Before life got in the way I did make a practice block as part of Molli Sparkle's #MSBHQAL which I don't think I shared here so here it is:

I went for orange as that was the colour I had most of that I could put my hand on quickly! Put a lot of thought into it didn't I?!

If you've not seen Molli Sparkle's blog, you really should visit, its lots of fun. Who doesn't like a bit of sparkle?

Well in the first week of the quiltalong the colour suggestion was for red, orange and pink so I figure I ended up being one up already!  One evening I cut up strips to get ready to sew when things calmed down on the hospital front and so I was ready to roll when I had a chance.

In a couple of small sessions I managed to whip up another orange block:

Two red blocks:

and two pink blocks:

So there you have it.  Not too bad considering the time I've had.

An update on my father-in-law's condition - he had major surgery for bowel cancer two weeks ago and while he made a good start he developed pneumonia (which was expected as he has emphysema, is 83 and has dementia) and was a bit touch and go for 24 hours but came good very slowly and about a week later started to really improve.  He's now at the point at which he might be able to leave hospital and head home to Murray Bridge except he spiked a temperature this afternoon so he's in for another couple of days.  I'm not doing the hospital run tomorrow but have a day off so will hopefully get to do some more sewing before it all starts again the next day (assuming he doesn't go home before then!).  In the meantime Kerrie, my sister-in-law who has had my MIL staying with her had to go into another hospital for hip replacement, hence why things got a bit mental in trying to visit two hospitals and take Mum in every day to see Dad!  She's back out again and doing pretty well.  I'm hoping that will be it for hospitals this year!

Anyway, enough of my blathering on, go and read some more lovely quilty blogs!

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  1. what a run of bad luck for you - those blocks look great - I'd be struggling with orange & red though.


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