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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

QBSA June Block (and a bit more!)

I can't believe we're in June already, this year is spinning by way too fast for me!

My swap partner for my Quilting Block Swap Australia monthly swap in June is Michell from New Zealand and she requested an Ohio Star all in the same red on a white solid background. I already had the pattern ready to go as last month I had to make an Ohio Star too!

After having a dig around in my stash I discovered my reds are decidedly denuded! So with only 2 to choose from I decided in the end to just use both and make two blocks.  As this block is a new selection for Michell I figured it would get her off to a good start!

I decided to ask for a different block starting this month for my QBSA as I thought I had enough blocks to make a quilt out of my previous selection.  I spread the blocks I had out in a square design first:

I felt it wasn't very exciting and so decided to try for a layout with them on point:

Much better! Not quite the right number of blocks though so I got busy with my graph paper and played around with a couple of layouts and worked out that to do what I wanted I needed at least two more blocks so I whipped up these two lovelies!

I haven't quite nailed down how I will resolve the triangular areas on the side of my design (which I'm not sharing yet!) but I'll either add plain fabric or make up some half blocks as well.  I'm thinking I'll probably border all the blocks in a variety of contrasting bright fabrics and perhaps sash and bind them in black as well.  However, its not a priority and a new month has started so I have other fish to fry, so to speak! (at least until this month's projects are done and dusted!).

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  1. It will be a stunning quilt, I love the 2 blocks you've made!
    Hugz, Carin

  2. Such colourful blocks - it can be a challenge putting random blocks together but I'm looking forward to seeing it done.

  3. you are a star.. love the "on Point " setting. Look forward to see how you resolve the setting triangle issue.


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