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Monday, 10 June 2013

And Sew On - June Block

Another great block from Kristy at Quiet Play again this month.  I'm loving this BOM!

This month's block is 'A Stitch in Time'.  The block this month had a few different pieces but really wasn't an overly tricky block to put together.  You did need to think carefully about fabrics though.  I decided to include a couple of my favourite fabrics in the hexies but one is really a bit close to the blue I used for the table to be as effective as I would like.  I also had a bit of a hiccup with my saucer for my teacup.  The fabric I used didn't end up in quite the place I'd planned so I ended up with white on the edges of my saucer which made it look an odd shape.  

I thought it would still look okay and made the whole thing and then overnight decided I couldn't live with it and unpicked it a bit and put a new saucer on it:

I'm happier with it but its a bit wonky now and the block ended up a bit smaller than it should but close enough for me!  I ended up embroidering an eye on my needle to make it look more like a needle.  I haven't quite decided whether I will embroider some thread as well or just leave it.

I thought I'd see how everything was coming together and put all six blocks together.  The photo is at my usual slightly dodgy standard but you get the idea!

Pretty happy with them so far, looking forward to the last 3!

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  1. Oh I like the new and improved saucer - perfect! Love the idea of embroidering the eye of the needle too - very clever! Your blocks are all looking fab together!

  2. All of your blocks look so cute together! I also like the saucer change!
    I am going to put the eye in the needle, too!


  3. I love all these together! and yes I think it was worth it to unpick the saucer. I would wait til its all done and attach a loose piece of thread "through" the eye of the needle and couch it down. Make it very realistic.

  4. Great job, dark saucer is better. And I love your blocks together - copletely different colours than mine, they look boyish, but great.


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