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Friday, 7 June 2013

A Bit of Star Value

In my happy wanderings around blogland one day I came across this  tutorial by Melissa at Happy Quilting.  I liked the look of it so I printed it out and set it aside on the 'one day' pile and a surprisingly short time later I picked it up again.  I had a bit of spare time at the end of last month having been a smarty pants and finished all my projects for that month so I had a bit of an archaeological dig in my scraps to see if I could make a block or two.  I chose the 12" block option as I figured I had a lot of 2" scrap squares already cut to choose from and quite a few charm squares I could cut into 4. Easy peasy I thought!

First problem was a distinct lack of grey fabrics, and when I say lack of I really mean total absence.  Luckily Spotlight helped me out by having a stocktake sale at just the right time so I popped down and picked out a couple of fat quarters and a couple of bolts of French themed greys.  The best bit was finding out when I got to the cutting table that the bolts I had picked (which showed as $12.95 per metre) ended up at $4 per metre!  Now that's my price range - so a metre of each came home with me to help with the grey hole in my stash!

While the blocks aren't really difficult, they are time consuming I found but I love the way they look!

I wanted to use scraps I had so I mixed whites with low value creams (they really aren't quite as dark as they appear in this photo).  I do think it would look better with just white for contrast though.

A wiser soul than myself would have cleverly made the larger option (cutting instructions are given for 5 different sized blocks up to 28"!) but the reward is the pattern which appears when you put the blocks together.  I figured the smaller the blocks, the more pattern you get.  Here are my 4 blocks all together:

Thanks Melissa for sharing a great tutorial.  I'm putting these away for a little bit until the next time I have a combination of free time and plenty of scraps.  It won't be a quilt I'll finish in a hurry but I'm looking forward to seeing it come together eventually!

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  1. FWIW, I like the tans and creams you mixed with the whites for your light values pieces. It gives he effect of dabbled sunshine on your quilt.

  2. the design created as blocks are joined together really is quite stunning. I agree that smaller blocks are better for enjoying this effect, but it certainly makes for more work for you

  3. Sue , this is a terrific tute, thanks for sharing the link. You have the perfect stash for it to, I love the varying values of your light's , much more interest than being all the same . I have pinned it for "down the track" i put aside a box of charms for another project , but may steal them for this.

  4. I think that blocks is very effective - and a great way to use up some small bits of fabrics - and I like the grey - but like you would have to go and buy them - I might have 3???


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