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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Stars Aligned - An April Finish!

 Last year I started making some star blocks with no real goal in mind and over time they developed into an 'all star' quilt which I decided was going to be mine.  Really, after quilting for 6+ years you would think I would have made myself a quilt by now but alas I had not. A couple of wallhangings but nothing I could snuggle under. This one is a generous lap size one as the blocks are 12" blocks.

I started by using some of the blocks from Solstice Stars tutorials on the Fresh Lemons blog and then chose some starry blocks from her Summer Sampler Series as well.  Then I had a bit of a search on Quilters Cache and finished it off.  I just love the dark blue fabric in the sashing and binding.  It is a batik I found at Spotlight on clearance and it has large daisy like shapes all over it.  Yesterday when it came time to bind I was a bit worried that I wouldn't have enough but in the end I had plenty.

I used this quilt to practice some FMQ designs I have been trying out.  There's nothing like using them on a real quilt to get you into the swing of it.  I have never been able to stipple as I always end up doing loops instead but I think I'm finally getting the hang of it.  (That's not to say that there aren't some very non-stipply shapes in there!)

I really like this spiral design:

I've even had a crack at pebbling.  My pebbles are a bit crumbly at times but I love the effect of them.

The block at the top left of this photo is my absolute favourite on the quilt!

Its called 'New Star' and it was one I found at Quilters Cache. I love the snail shell spiral pattern on the top right block too.  I quite like doing spirals now, might have to try a few more designs.  Haven't yet discovered a skill or liking for feathers but that will be on my 'to learn' list this year I think!

For the back I was just a tiny bit short of the blue fabric so I threw all my leftover bits and pieces together, along with an orphan block I had from another project.

I like the way the sun shone through this block!  It made the gold thread sparkle but you can't really see it too well here!

I decided to do an all machine stitched binding and tried out a different fancy stitch on my machine.  My Janome is pretty old-tech so it only has 4 to choose from!  Its diamonds all connected together.

This project is my No. 13 bonus project for the 13 UFO's in 2013 over at Marti's 52 Quilts in 52 Weeks blog.  Now I just need to do my actual project for April!  We're heading away for a week's holiday on Saturday though so it won't get done for a week or so!  Looking forward to a week of chilling out at Pine Point on South Australia's Yorke Peninsula.  I'll be sure to take some photos!

One final block photo for good measure!

Now I just need the weather to get cool enough here to use my lovely new quilt.  I'm so sick of nice weather, I can't tell you, bring on some rain and storms I say!

Thanks for reading my blog today,

See you in a week or so!


  1. I love your quilt! Did you 'quilt as you go'?

    1. Thanks Janet. All the quilting was done after it was pieced, in my standard sized sewing machine. I haven't made a 'quilt as you go' quilt yet.

  2. I love the variety of the stars - they have all turned out so well. Great looking quilting from here. Enjoy your holiday - I too am looking forward to cooler weather - can't wait until its cool enough to put the doona back on the bed.

  3. Wow , you are on a role. This looks terrific, well done on the quilting, can't wait for the next "show and tell", Have a good holiday

  4. Love the quilt Sue, nice combination of fabrics and colours, plenty of blue, my favourite.

  5. Wow! The choice of fabrics, blocks, and quilting really makes this quilt a stand out. I love seeing the extra blocks on the back.

  6. Wonderful! Your fabric choices and quilting looks great.

  7. What a beautiful quilt. I love all the different background fills, so pretty!

  8. We could swap, with the weather I mean, because I'm sure you wouln't part with that beautiful quilt. It is stunning!

  9. Hey, nice job! This is a wonderful finish. Great FMQ work there. :D

  10. Congratulations on your finish! It is just stunning!

  11. Lovely stars quilt. That blue sashing really makes the whole thing really work nicely. Well done.

  12. Wow, Sue, I love that quilt - but the back is really something special!! Nice job quilting it, too! Whoop whoop!!

  13. The quilting looks wonderful and I love the bit of piecing on the back, must try that next time.


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