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Sunday, 28 April 2013

April Getaway Wrap Up!

April seems to have flown by but probably more so as I was on annual leave for two weeks and we spent a week at Pine Point on Yorke Peninsula in South Australia.  Nothing fancy, we hired a shack right opposite the beach and just chilled out.  My hubby loved that he could just walk across the road and around 10 metres to the beach and fish at high tide and at low tide he could go crabbing.  Only down side was that the tides were only really good for 3 or 4 days as they were leading into a dodge tide later in the week but he enjoyed it while he could!

 I loved being able to just wander over the road and see what was happening on the beach. The weather was great, low 20's almost every day and although sometimes it was cloudy, most of the time it was sunny and so nice to be able to enjoy the sun without frying in the heat as we have for the last few months here in South Australia!

I love the way the clouds look in this photo. Not sure if you'll be able to see it but there are two specks on the horizon on the right hand side and that is my hubby and son out crabbing!

 The beach looks totally different with the tide in as you can see in the next shot. Its taken from up on a cliff behind where we were staying and our shack was to the right of the second power pole in the photo. Not far to walk to the beach!

 We spent a day down the bottom of Yorke Peninsula at Innes National Park.  It turned out to be the most amazing, sunny day so made for glorious photos of the sea and I could bore you with many but I'll control myself!

First stop was Stenhouse Bay, which had been a gypsum mine for a long time. The colour of the water was just gorgeous!

After a walk around a trail off to the right with beautiful views in all directions we headed off to find somewhere for lunch.  This was the view from our picnic table while we were having lunch - hard to take don't you think?

 Not far away was this amazing beach, the size of which is hard to convey in the photograph, it was enormous and not a footprint to be seen! Way at the back on the horizon, behind the smaller island, is Kangaroo Island.

There was actually a family fishing on the beach, tucked away on the far right end of the beach and they looked tiny they were so far away!  Can you see them in this shot?

Further along we stopped for a rest break at a campsite and happened along on some of the locals:

I'm sure this one had a joey in the pouch, although I think it was at a very young stage as she was doing a lot of pouch maintenance while we were there.  There were quite a few others around us among the bushes.  My husband is mad keen on birdlife so we spent a lot of time peering at the treetops but unfortunately no photos to share!

We stopped on our way home to have a coffee at Marion Bay, a nearby town and my hubby spotted a little runaround boat he thought would be handy if only we had a towbar on the car!

Think we might need a bigger car for that one!  We also called in at Minlaton to say hi to these emus (there were also kangaroos and wallabies) on the way back to the shack.

The rest of the holiday was spent in chill out mode and on the night before we were due to come home I said it could rain now that I'd had my holiday. Sure enough I woke up during the night to hear steady rain falling - the first we've had here in Adelaide for sooooooo long. It rained all night and all the next day as well - steady, soaking rain and we were so overdue for it, the soil just drank it all up. Here's hoping for a bit more to top it up!

So that's where I've been lately. An update on my April projects coming soon!

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  1. Thanks for sharing Sue! Lovely pictures and looks like you had a great time. Makes me want to go on holiday as well!


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