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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

And Sew On - April's Block

Well another month has rolled around and for April in the And Sew On BOM we are making 'Snip it Real Good' or the alternate title ' Not for Paper'!  What trusty quilter would be without their scissors?

Here is my version:

It doesn't look like it in the photo but the blades are actually a very, very light blue/white pattern.  Its a fat quarter that was one of the very first I bought when I was toying with the idea of starting quilting and GoLo was clearing out what they had.  I never had found a use for this particular one but it seemed right for the blades in this block.  I chose the colour of the fabric for the cotton reel by matching the embroidery thread I had on hand to do the loosed thread!  I so love that background fabric and really wish I had more of it.  Its called Soul Garden and I also have it in pink (well had, I think I've used most of that too!).

Anyway here are the blocks I've done so far all cosied up together.  I'm very happy with the way they're coming together and can't wait to see them all stitched up and hanging on the wall!

Sorry, its a bit fuzzy and washed out compared to the actual colours.  Funny how it always looks okay in the camera.  The yellows are much brighter than they appear.  

Hopefully if I can get to it I will have photos of a quilt finish tomorrow!  Watch this space!

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