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Sunday, 23 September 2012

September Block Swaps Complete and I Spy Swap

Friday I received my lovely Quilting Block Swap Australia block from Kym in Bundaberg in Queensland. Its a beauty and fits my plan of a bright, multi-coloured star quilt to a tee:

It has a gorgeous green starry fabric in it which actually sparkles as the stars are a sort of iridiscent colour.  I took the photo outside to try and capture it.  You might recall I posted a photo of the other four blocks I already have so far and this will give a new element to the mix I think:

I sent Kym the purple and yellow log cabin she requested:

which she seemed happy with.  She hasn't had a good run with her swaps lately so hopefully she has better luck from here on!

Well, I've had a lovely lazy brekkie of bacon and eggs this morning cooked by my other half and now I better get on and get some quilting done (hopefully - unless I get waylaid by him to help him in his aviary!).

Itching to cut up some I-Spy fabrics for a swap I'm in with the Rainbow Charm Square Swap group on Facebook (an offshoot from the Quilt Club Australia group). Spotlight had some more markdowns yesterday so I managed to find some more to add to the very  few I already had. Yay! That means more fabrics back in the swap.

If you're in Australia and you'd like to get involved in some charm swaps, pop over and request to join the group and have a look. By joining the group you're not agreeing to join any particular swap but it will give you access to all the available swaps and you can chat to lots of lovely quilters at the same time!  We started off as a rainbow swap but we've had lots of others since, although we do love our rainbow colours!

Thanks for reading my blog today, enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Love the new addition to the star blocks - beautiful colours!

    Oh I'm in the swap group but I'm hesitant to join because I think I've already been on a bit of a fabric bender of late!!


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