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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Craftsy BOM and other Bits and Bobs!

I have been the queen of slackness lately as far as posting goes.  I did eventually finish my second Craftsy BOM for September but hadn't gotten around to posting a photo, so at very long last here it is:

And because its been so long I thought I'd better remind you what the first one in September looked like!

So only one month of blocks left to go.  That being said, I have another quilt to finish so that I will be ready to get the Craftsy one done by Christmas and as I finally remembered to buy thread this week I managed to get cracking on that one (my red, black and white quilt). However, said thread caused me some dramas as it was a little thicker than I usually use and decided to break a lot.  A bit of a tension adjustment and its mostly sorted but I may change up to a larger needle as well for my next session.  No photos to share as I have only done an 'in the ditch' grid so far but now I'm ready to give each block its own treatment.  Watch this space!

On an entirely unconnected with quilting topic, I noticed this moth on my laundry window on the weekend and just had to take a photo. Its quite a pretty moth, don't you think? Particularly if you ignore the disgusting state of my post-winter windows!

However, its even prettier on the underside!  I went inside and took this photo (unfortunately my windows don't look any better from that side!).

Aren't its antennae amazing?

While we're on the nature front, my husband is a keeper of birds, mostly native Australian finches but also some African ones as well, and at the moment he has a pair of Gouldians which are the friendliest birds he has ever had.  The male is particularly friendly and always comes up to say hello if you are standing outside the aviary. On the weekend I went in with him and took the camera and he and his lovely lady obliged by sitting right next to me for a photo:

Not sure what he was looking at but perhaps he didn't like my shoes! I'm hoping to get a family shot later as they have just had babies, we believe four in all but only two are out yet.  I wonder if they will be as friendly!

They're such colourful birds and with all that colour you would think they were from the tropical rainforest or somewhere when in fact they are from the grasslands in the Kymberleys.  Endangered in the wild but fighting back.

The young ones are real stickybeaks and get into mischief when they get to the awkward teenage stage and really get on the other birds' nerves sometimes!  Hilarious to watch though.

Anyway, a little off subject but just had to share.  Hope you're having a great week and that your windows are cleaner than mine - nearly time for their annual clean - any more than that and I must be trying to impress someone!



  1. The colours of the finches are amazing, I have never seen them purple. My maiden name is Finch :) and when i was young I had one that lived in a bamboo cage, but it was only a native brown, but still really sweet as I recall.

  2. Another great block!! Imagine a quilt made of all of those. I enjoyed the venture into nature.. Very cool moth and those finches are adorable!!

  3. Gouldians also live in the Northern Territory. When I first moved to the Northern Territory (40 years ago) Gouldians were abundant. Sadly they were also captured for their beauty. Almost every second house had an avery. I was fortunate to see wild Gouldians at Timber Creek just before the WA boarder that was 15 years ago. Harry Buttler found a small flock living around one of the water holes. How awesome for you to breed them

  4. Oooh, pretty birdies! I love birds. I wish I could have a budgie or cockateil.

  5. Lovely blocks.
    Thanks for linking up.
    We're following. :)


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