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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Fabric Happies!

As some of the online fabric stores had some great sales recently I succumbed and picked up some lovely new fabric. I do so love getting squishy parcels in the mail!

Firstly I bought these two pieces from equilter:

Then these lovelys from Pink Chalk Fabrics which I plan to use to make a bag for a friend for Christmas:
and these, well, just because!  I do seem to have bought a lot of pink and green lately so I'm pretty sure there will be a pink and green quilt coming somewhere down the line!

Then, lucky me, I won a $25 voucher for Wrapped in Fabric on Kristy's blog Quiet Play! Woo hoo! Thank you so much Kristy and Sandy at Wrapped in Fabric. What a great prize to win - guilt free fabric shopping (well nearly, I did go just a little over the $25, you know how it is!).  I went for some luscious colour there with these:

No idea what I'm going to use them for but I just loved them so now they live at my house!

Then the lovely Sally, one of the admins at the Rainbow Swaps and More Facebook page (a spin off of the Quilt Club Australia Facebook page), surprised me with these lovelies in the mail, wasn't that nice! The one on the right doesn't photograph well but its actually metallic gold print - its so pretty.

 I'm thinking those rainbow coloured reindeer might even make it into my rainbow quilt (if I ever get around to making it) using my rainbow charms from our swaps.  Sally has organised a competition for the best rainbow project so I have been bookmarking lots of ideas and inspirational photos but haven't got too involved in finalising my plans yet as I have too many other projects which MUST be finished for Christmas. Once they're out the way I'll be getting stuck into it!  Luckily I have until March so there's hope for me yet!

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  1. Great fabrics will have to have a look at the online stores

  2. Ooh nice new additions to the stash!!

    Love those pinks for a bag - can't wait to see how that one looks!

    Glad you had fun shopping at Wrapped in Fabric! Yay for free fabric!

  3. Isn't fabric the most fun thing to collect! You've got lots of lovely new fabrics to inspire and play with.


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