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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Splendid Sampler - Block 3 - Lots of Love

Well I thought some of the pieces in Block 2 were small but they were larger than a lot of the pieces in this block!
See these little suckers? Only one inch square. I'm really hoping we're not going any smaller next week!
I'm finding with these blocks being smaller than I'm used to I do have to really be careful about my seam allowances but otherwise the method is no different. I always square up my segments before putting it all together and that really helps with the accuracy.

Here's my finished block:
I like this block. I think it was because I could include a few different fabrics and I've picked some of my favourites out of the layer cake and charm square pack I'm using.

One other thing I love this week is another small thing! Its a small thing that makes life easier. While I have hooks on the ends of my wall units to hang my rulers sometimes I find I need to use several at once but they can get in the way when they are all on the desk. So a simple little hook on the side and I have somewhere to hang the rulers nearby so I don't have to get up and down as much or search madly under fabric and things on the desk.
So another block down this week, on to other projects!


  1. What a great idea putting a hook on the side of the cutting table. My rulers are always getting buried under fabric when im in a cutting frenzy lol. Gorgeous block btw :)

  2. Your block looks absolutely gorgeous!!! Just lovely!!! And that little hook on your desk is such a great idea!!!


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