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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Making great progress this month!

Well I think I've made a great start on my February projects. I managed to get my sewing machine block put together and I love it!
At one stage when all my pieces were all over the place it looked a bit like a dog's breakfast but it all came together beautifully! I'm using the block to make a cover for my sewing machine and as its quite large (16" square) it more than covers the front. Pattern available here.

Then I decided I needed something interesting on the back so made a Fool's Square block - it seemed appropriately named!  You can find the block instructions here.
In the end I actually decided that the sewing machine block should end up on the back as that way I would see it every time I go past the room - its too lovely to have it facing the wall!
Next was to make the blocks into a cover and I chose some of my favourite fabrics.
That Lark fabric by Amy Butler never fails to make my heart sing! Now I've got the main piece and the two sides ready to quilt.
I cut out the pieces for my laptop bag and have sandwiched the pieces up ready to quilt also.
I didn't want to change my machine over to quilt mode only to have to change it back to piecing mode so decided to make the bonus test block for The Splendid Sampler before I started quilting my other projects.
I think it turned out quite well although I could probably have experimented with the fabrics a bit more. Nevertheless the size came out perfectly!

Now I have a few days before the first official block comes out on Sunday to get on with those other projects. I have yet to do any of my rainbow scrappy blocks this month but I'd rather get my other two projects done first and then spend the remainder of the month doing those.

I just hope I bought the right size zip for my laptop bag!

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  1. Love your sewing machine block... love love love a bit of Amy myself, she only comes out for special people or just me xxx


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