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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Rainbow Scrap Challenge - February Blocks

Not overly inspired by the colour for February being brown. Definitely not my favourite colour!

However I do have brown scraps (not a huge number fortunately) so I made some crumb blocks out of these.  I'm not quite sure where they will end up, at worst they might end up as part of the backing!

This month only six blocks. I haven't added a black border to them yet but here they are:
 This piece of fabric probably says all I have to say about brown scraps!
Bring on March's colour I say!

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  1. Great post.Your Goodbye is how I feel about the brown this month also! Having said that I love your crumb blocks.

  2. BROWN doesn't bother me, but I am beginning to look forward to seeing what color March has to offer.

  3. What about adding a little pink to the mix? It's,more like chocolate and cherries.

  4. LOL, Your brown scraps look great done in these crumb blocks. I wonder what March will bring?


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