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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Block Swaps and Other Bits and Pieces

My block swap partner for August was Erin in Queensland. Erin had two choices for block and I chose to make her a Road to California as she said she didn't have many of those.

This is the block I sent Erin:

Erin was kind enough to send me two blocks this month, one in each of my colourway options. I have now decided to use these blocks to make a donation quilt to the Calvary Hospice here in Adelaide which is looking for lap quilts to give each of their patients when they come in. My Mum spent some months in the hospice before she died 23 years ago so I would like to do something for them. They only want 48x48" which is perfect for these blocks as they are 12 inch blocks!

On some non-quilty items, my younger son Simon had an exciting day this week when he bought his first car.

Paid for it in cash, not bad for only working a few days a week. He's a saver that boy!

Then we have Miss Olivia who is more of a wrecker!

Which is clearly an exhausting business!

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  1. Love your swap blocks especially the ones you’re planning to make into a quilt for the Mary Potter Hospice. They are right up my alley colour and design wise. I started my second donation quilt this past weekend and Im using a lot of those colours too.

    Way to go Simon! I love seeing kids who work hard and take life by the short and curlies.

    Oh Miss Olivia!!! I do hope that wasn’t something important? When our two terrors were going through that stage I went to the op shop and bought a load of stuffed animals for them to wreck....


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