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Saturday, 30 August 2014

August UFO Progress (not a finish though)

August has been a funny month, pretty ordinary all around I'd say for a variety of reasons.  I didn't seem to get enough sewing time this month and didn't get my project finished but I have it well underway. My UFO project was to try out the Folded 3D Mariner's Compass Ruler Set which I've had for a couple of years and I did do that so I guess you could say its a finish!

This was my practice block and apart from ending up with the purple on top when I had planned to use it as one of the background colours (note to self to study cutting instructions much more carefully!) it worked out okay.

I have been planning to make my brother a quilt using these blocks and as he will be 60 in November this seemed like the time for a quilt. I have made 4 blocks in one colourway and have a centre block and 4 others in progress. Just need to make one more lot of four and then square them up, then ........ hmmm so quite a bit of work to do yet! So not a finish for August but I've decided this will be September's UFO project too.  Some of my UFO projects I don't have a real need to have finished any time in particular and I need to get this one done!

Any way this is the other block (x4) which I have completed.

My brother has always loved the sea and the river so I am trying to use fabric with a meaning. The centre fabric reminds me of the wood on a jetty. I have other nautical themed fabric and other fabric which is themed around London as his daughter is currently living there.

So that's my August (and September) UFO project so far.

I thought I'd finish with another photo of our lovely 'pup' Olivia who is working on sending me bankrupt. Apart from eating everything in sight , she is (reluctantly) on first name terms with the vet already and we've only had her for 3 months!

I finally managed to get her to smile for me to take a photo, she normally looks really miserable in photos!

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  1. LOVE that second block. The colours are fabulous and its going to look stunning as a quilt. (Good on you for doing points – I avoid them like the plague )

    Miss Olivia sounds like my two. Im pretty sure we fund our vets kids private school fees and a their family overseas trip annually.....

  2. love seeing your progress, these are going to make a terrific quilt i think. Good job Olivia is so cute eh?


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