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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

UFO Project for June (and May too!)

Well given my distraction (also known as Olivia, our new puppy) over the last few weeks,
A distraction, me?!

not surprisingly I didn't quite get my UFO for May quite finished. However this month I'm determined to catch up and get back on track.

The lucky number for this month over at 52 Quilts in 52 Weeks Twelve UFOs in Fourteen is 10. My No. 10 project is to try a new technique for me from this book which I've had for a little while now.

Geta Grama is a quilter from Romania who does some lovely work. If you haven't seen her work before take a look at her blog here.  Anyway I was interested in her technique and wanted to try it.

I printed out the practice design, taped it together then pinned it to a piece of organza and some polyester wadding, then stitched around the pattern using water soluble thread.

 Next step was to pull off all the paper carefully:

The next step is a bit more challenging. You have to snip away the wadding from the spots you don't want it without hacking great holes in the organza.  Here it is after I trimmed the outside bits:

There was the occasional snip through the organza but they shouldn't be visible once its quilted.
These photos were taken while trialling backing fabric.  I want to make this into a cushion and use it in my loungeroom so I selected some fabrics that would suit and layed the trimmed organza layer over them to see which works best.  Apparently the colours will be stronger once its quilted.

I like the last two best, the blue one is the strongest but the last one suits the colours in my loungeroom more. Hmmm not sure which one I'll do.

I have also done the last of the quilting on last month's designated project and just need to trim it up and bind it.  As a reminder, this is last month's project:

This one will be for a new baby due in December for my hubby's niece Marita and her new hubby Clint. We went to their wedding in February.

So fingers crossed I can get both done and stay on track now.  Watch this space!


  1. I do so admire Geta Gramas work..the cushion will look great and its always fun to try a new technique. Thats going to be a big dog when he grows up!

  2. Very impressive Sue! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  3. Interesting technique and very effective visually! I like the top two blues myself but whatever you do Im sure this is going to look stunning.


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