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Monday, 16 June 2014

Sunday Stash - Okay, last purchase this year...really!

I have been meaning to write this Sunday Stash post for weeks but there was a little distraction which arrived last month.  Well, actually not so little. Its Olivia, our new 9 month old Golden Retriever.  More about her later!

First up I took part in a Rainbow WOF Swap as part of the Rainbow Fabric Fun group on Facebook with my girlfriend Kerry (who is being seduced to the dark side/quilting at the moment). We each sent off 3 fabrics in our colours cut into 2.5" strips and then each received back a lovely rainbow jelly roll after all the swaps had been collated by the lovely Sally.

My last purchase was in the sale at Craft Depot which someone kindly alerted me to. Now in my defence I did need some red fabrics having discovered a major lack of reds in my stash so this purchase is totally justified (as far as I'm concerned) but I do not want to buy any more this year if I can help it! (That didn't sound too definite did it?!)

On to the fabrics:

Now I think I have these names right but forgive me if I get them wrong! Above on the left we have Grand Bazaar Spade by Patty Young for Michael Miller in Pomegranate, then Romance Small Leaf Print in red by Vicki Lynn Oehlke. In the centre is Marylebone Rajah by Kaffe Fassett for Liberty in Red, then Marle Fantasy in Cranberry and on the far right is Tonal Vineyard in red.

On the left above is Marylebone, Plumes by Kaffe Fassett for Liberty in Peach, in the centre is Tonal Scroll Smoke and on the right is On the Rio Grande, Scale Dots in red by Terrie Mangat.

Lastly above on the left is Paisley, Piccadilly Circus in Black by Kaffe Fassett for Liberty and on the right is Paisley, Cravat in Turquoise by Kaffe Fassett for Liberty.

Oh, you noticed some of those weren't red? Oops!

Linking up with Sunday Stash with Ms Molli Sparkles don't you know?!          

Molli Sparkles

Now back to our new little distraction. Here is Olivia our lovely platinum blonde!

Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth right?  .....Wrong!  I think the mattress looked at her funny!

Is tea ready yet?

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Olivia would have been in the dog house after that little episode wouldn't she?

    Im loving that red Kaffe fabric...red is my favourite colour.

  2. ahhh, so you've been shopping at the exploding bed shop too... we have lost more in our house since Daisy turned 13 months old than we ever lost as a puppy! So much fun and so distracting in the same breath!


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