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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Swap Block for May and a Sandwich!

I've had some lovely comments from  'No Reply Bloggers' lately and I hate not being able to reply to you.  If this is you, here is a link to help you work out how to fix it! (Starchaser06 not sure if you realise you are a no reply blogger).

My QBSA partner this month was Nikki who asked for any block in black, white and red. I had a bit of a wander around Quilters Cache and found this block, called X Marks the Spot (great name don't you think?!)

I discovered I had a real lack of reds in my stash so I had to go to my favourite red fabric of all time again! Its called 'Suede' and I so wish I had bought a whole lot more, I only have a tiny bit left! Everytime I use this fabric I get comments from people wanting to know what it is. Sadly there is no more to be had anywhere, not in red anyway.

My other project for this month is my UFO of the month. This lucky project number this month over at 52 Quilts is No 9 which for me was to quilt my other Star Surround quilt.

Today I got as far as making my sandwich - quilt sandwich that is!  Its only a smallish quilt so I managed to baste it on my kitchen table with a bit of help from my trusty folding trestle table.

I think this is my favourite stage of making a quilt, when you get it all laid out all nice and crisp and flat before you put the pins in. What's your favourite stage?

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  1. It won't surprise you to know that the first stages of a planning a quilt is my favourite part. That said i have almost finished a second quilt for the year.. and am putting off starting another until i have at least one or 2 tops finished

  2. I love that star quilt top. I think my favorite part of quilting is putting that last stitch in the quilt top and seeing how close it is to my vision of it.

  3. Beautiful quilt top! My favorite part of quilting is the designing and arranging the finished blocks on the design wall.

  4. That red is really pretty! It looks like flames. My favorite part of quilting, I think, is when I am hand binding the quilt. I sit by my kids or husband while they're playing or watching TV and somehow it just makes me feel secure, warm, and very very happy. :)

  5. I know what you mean - it feels like the first time it has become a QUILT!

  6. That really is a great red fabric. Maybe some fabric manufacturere will see how much everyone loves it and come up with something equally as eye-catching. The star flimsy turned out so well!

  7. Black, White and Red is always a winner in my book. Love that block. And dont you hate it when you buy a fabric and then utterly fall in love with it only to never be able to buy it again?

    Star Surround is absolutely gorgeous . I love the way those fabrics have gone together. Such a visually interesting quilt.

    I like the basting part of quilting too- because it’s almost a quilt with no quilting faux pas in it yet!

    But my absolute favourite part – The last 6 inches of the binding!

  8. Like the star quilt top. My favorite part of quilting is the designing, deciding on fabrics and see the blocks come together. I am not very good at getting the top past summer weight (aka flimsy). Micki@2dogsstudio.us

  9. The star top is gorgeous! Such lovely colors. My favorite stage is when it comes out of the dryer the first time, all warm and crinkly!

    Whoop whoop!!

  10. Your quilt looks great - personally I really enjoy selecting the fabrics and creating the blocks. But actually hanging one is very satisfying too.


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