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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Sunday Stash - Clearance Sale Shopping (again!)

I had a loose idea at the beginning of the year that I really didn't need any fabric this year and that I would only buy necessities..........Yeah right! Like that was ever going to work!

Those damned sale emails get me every time. I should just delete them like a smart person would but somehow I end up just having a look and next thing I know I've filled up an envelope and its winging its way to my house. Sigh!

This time it was equilter.com's turn.

It started with these two. I couldn't make up my mind which colour way to get this one in so I got both. Its My True Love Gave to Me in Buttercreme and Pear Green.

That led me to these; on the left is Kitschenette (I love that name) Diamond Checks in Turquoise and on the right Gelato Structured Circles in Bamboo Green.

Next we have Michael Miller's Mini Mikes Geometric Shibori Dots in Magenta on the left, Heaven & Helsinki Nordic Diamond in Persimmon in the centre and on the right is Legend of Webb Hill River Reflections in Dark Purple.
 and next, for your viewing pleasure, we have my favourites from the bunch. On the left is Night & Day 4 Mod Medallions and on the right Poppy Modern Poppy Soiree in Gray. Unfortunately they only had half a yard left of the last one which is a shame as I love it but I'm thinking it will be enough to work it into a bag of some sort, perhaps teamed with some solid black or grey.

Why do these sales get me to buy? Well the fact that nothing I bought was dearer than $5.98 per yard had a lot to do with it!

However, it didn't stop there. I went to Spotlight with a girlfriend who I'm going to teach to quilt. She may not know how to quilt yet but she's got the fabric buying art nailed! Every time we go near fabric she takes a huge pile home so I thought I should keep her company this time! These were both in the $4 a metre lot and I couldn't say no to fabric with sewing machines on it now could I?!

So that's it, no more fabric, right?! Wrong! I've already put an order in with Craft Depot as some helpful soul on Quilt Club Australia spread the word they had a big sale on. I did however sensibly address my lack of red fabric and found some lovely reds to add to my stash. There were others too but you'll have to wait and see!

Aaargh, no more fabric after that.....I hope.

Linking up with Sunday Stash being hosted today by Emily over at Sewing by Moonlight! Do you have any stash additions you'd like to share? If so write a post and head over to link up, Emily has a lovely giveaway.


  1. Oooh, I love that poppy print! My first thought was that it would be great in a bag! :)

  2. great stash enhancement Sue. One has to keep the stash "fresh" , If we don't buy th fabric, the fabric stores will close and then where will we be.


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