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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Sunday Stash ( or Oops I did it again!)

Well I have been behaving myself with fabric buying this year but when Equilter.com were having their big end of year clearance I just couldn't help myself. I decided to be sensible and I bought some nice co-ordinating blenders in colours I was a bit understocked on.

Then of course the dreaded Spotlight fat quarter sale (who can say no for $1 a fat quarter) could not be ignored.  (I apologise for the slightly dodgy photos but it was a very dark, rainy day here when I took these!)

I have a few nice pieces of Notting Hill lurking in my stash waiting for their time to shine:

so I picked up some goodies which I thought would play nicely with them.  I'm thinking of joining in with the Star Surround quiltalong at Happy Quilting and I think these might be just the thing!

These Cuzco Exotic Garden goodies are just gorgeous:

I'm sure you noticed the odd one out in my first photo there in my grab for fabric?  Its a batik and it made it in simply because it has birds on it.  My husband is a finch lover and there is not a lot of fabric around with finches on it.  Now this bird is not strictly speaking a finch (in fact it looks more like a spoggie*) but it looks a like a small bird (rather than a large parrot as most fabric seems to favour) so that was good enough for me!  I don't know what I'll do with it but for now owning it is enough, its time will eventually come.
* sparrow in non-slang vernacular!

The fat quarters I also selected with the plan of building blenders in my stash.

I added a couple of nice greys,

a bit of black and white

and I know you noticed that delightful (!) flag fabric lurking there.

Why you ask?  This one has a purpose - I'm going to make a passport holder (or possibly two) as a gift in the near future and this one just screamed passport to me.  I'm thinking it may feature on the inside, perhaps on a pocket but either way it just seemed to fit!

Oh and not to forget the Prints Charming! You might have noticed I really like this one, given I bought four of the same!

Still need to stock up on solid black as I used up what I had stashed for another project but I didn't think of that when I was at Spotlight did I? Next time (won't that make an enthralling Sunday Stash post)!

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  1. nothing gets the juices going more than looking at someone else's stash, I did some damage at Spotlight too.. very similar fabrics, but more of them (50 to be exact, my bad, but i did get a $10.00 off voucher). Your Equilter purchase's are lovely, Off to check out that quilt along

  2. Your Spotlight had great flats! By the time I got to mine it was totally picked over. I managed to get 17 anyway, but most were for swaps rather than because I liked them.

  3. Lots of lovely brights, I managed to pick up a few neutral blenders at spotlight, as you said, how can you to at that price

  4. Oooh, all sorts of lovelies!

  5. Wow - that is quite an addition to the stash - must see if I can get those flags.

  6. Awesome additions!! The Star Surround QAL is sooooo tempting.

  7. Oh lots of great additions! Love the blenders - they'll be very useful!

  8. You are so right about those Prints Charming raindrops! I love them! Definitely one I'd get four of. And the Cuzco is amazing - I've been eyeing off the whole line but I have such a huge stash already. I'll just look on with envy!

  9. You came away with some excellent additions. Wish that Prince Charming one was at my local Spotty.


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