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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Block Testing for Kristy

Okay, I have been somewhat lax of late in posting what I've been up to.  In my defence, however, I offer up the fact that my computer is slowly dying and has a nasty tendency to shut down without warning.  So sometimes I have wanted to post but have given up after it has shut down at the wrong moment and I've have thrown my hands up in the air and sworn and stomped off.  Today, however, both the computer and I seem to be in the mood for some blogging so I am whipping up posts while the computer smiles upon me!

So back to this block! Kristy at Quiet Play is on a bender at the moment making a stack of LEGO character blocks for a quilt for her son.  She was after some block testers so I volunteered to give Wonder Woman a shot and here she is (cue music 'WONDER WOMANNNNN').

First, the TV Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter:

Image from http://entertainmentnutz.com/post/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/Lynda-Carter.jpg

and the fabric LEGO version:

Not too bad I reckon!  I have a loose plan to turn this into a cushion for my bestie's 50th birthday in September.  She's a bit of wonder woman, she never stops moving! Be assured I will share a photo if I do, I just can't promise it will be posted straight away!

Kristy is a whiz with paper piecing designs so if you're interested in checking out her LEGO characters (available free in her Craftsy shop), or some of her many other great designs, you can find them here.  You might like to head over to her blog to keep tabs on the new blocks as they are designed too.

Thanks for sharing Kristy,


  1. I enjoy seeing your Wonder Woman block! As well as your rotary cutter.... I love the tip to use the back of the fabric !! Great idea :)


  2. What a great Wonder Woman. Now I have the Wonder Woman song playing in my head......LOL

  3. Pretty cool, Sue! Whoop whoop for you!!


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