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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Something New Sampler Week 4

Week 4 for the Something New Sampler was actually last week but the two blocks were a little more complex than some of the other blocks and so took a little longer!

Firstly we had Trapunto over at Quilt Matters and for this one I needed to buy some water soluble thread, so that delayed starting that one.  I chose to only do the first part of the block and hold off on the second lot of quilting until I put everything together so this block doesn't look too interesting yet but here it is:

The second block was Cathedral Windows by Heidi at Fabric Mutt.  Now this one was a lot slower process!  Also resulted in some slightly steamed finger tips but we suffer for our art don't we?!

I'd also recommend you don't look too closely at this one as its not my best work but I have learned a lot by doing it.  I thought machine stitching the blocks down might be too fiddly so I chose to hand stitch but I think next time I will definitely use the machine.

It got a bit grubby while I was handstitching but hopefully you can't see it!  I love the way this one came out!  The pink strips on the ends are an added bonus as my block came out a bit short, so I decided to go with an added pink strip and I love it! Happy accident there!

Also an update on my earlier post about my Sashiko block.

I decided it looked a bit bland compared to the other blocks, although I love the design itself so I added a bit of  fabric to each end:

This has been a great sampler to sew along with and I've learnt some new techniques. Now I'm nearly at the point of needing to think about how they're all going to go together.

Not quite yet though as I still have one more block to do and another adjustment to one of my earlier blocks.  Stay tuned for further updates!


  1. i have enjoyed watching these blocks as they have been posted, but decided early on it was a bit "out there" for me. You have done a great job with each of them

  2. I love your cathedral windows! The pink strips are very happy accidents - they really add to the block!


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