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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Fabric - Oops I did it again!

Well I did make one last purchase before the US postal prices rose and this week my fabric fix arrived.

One of my two preferred online stores is Pink Chalk Fabrics.

Every purchase comes with a handy little card which has suggested quilt sizes on the back (I keep one near my sewing machine) and the picture on this one is of these cute little pyramid bags.  There is a downloadable pattern available at You Sew, Girl!

Last time I ordered, I purchased some of the Notting Hill range (the two in the centre below)

and then I decided I should buy a couple of others from the range before they weren't around anymore.

No real plans for these, just wanted them!  On the left is some City Gate from the Cuzco range and on the right is Mind's Eye Jazz from Anna Maria Horner Field Study.  Every time I looked at the fabrics on Pink Chalk I would come back to this one so I decided I'd better have it, it obviously was calling my name!

My niece Vanessa is a bit of a world traveller and is currently living and working in London and I thought these next two might well get used in a couple of items for her. I just love the suitcases!

Anyway, once again I succumbed but from now on fabric will have to be EXTREMELY cheap for me to buy online as when you add $24.50 to the order for postage, that is about $3.50 extra a yard.  So now I'm trying not to even look at the websites!

I'm linking up with Sunday Stash at Finding Fifth!

Oh and as she has received it now I thought I would share my block for February that I made for Karen in Victoria as part of the Quilting Block Swap Australia blog.

Karen was after the Plaited Block in complementary bright colours on white.  I had just bought the orange and pink fabric (it is much brighter than this photo shows it) and I thought it would be perfect! I think this block design is great and I'll be interested to see how the whole quilt looks once its done.  Might just end up on my one day list!

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  1. I have some Notting Hill being delivered from Pink Chalk fabrics as well! Can't wait, it looks sublime!

  2. Great taste in fabric! And I love that plaited block!

  3. Some lovely additions to your stash. I have been coveting Notting Hill for a while now, maybe I should just buy some already! As an American, I feel I should apologize for the increased postal rates - it must put quite a dent in the fabric budget.


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