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Thursday, 12 July 2012

A New Quilter is Born!

Yesterday I had a lovely day teaching one of my son's friends, Candy, how to quilt. Candy hadn't used a sewing machine since Year 8 in high school but she did a great job, she's a natural!

Despite the fact that my cold turned on me and threatened to take my voice away, we made it through and finished a little mini quilt.  I recently won this lovely little quilt project on the Finding Fifth blog (thanks Fiona!)

and I thought it would be the perfect project for Candy to see if she liked the whole process and it turns out she does.

She was surprised though how long it all takes but really enjoyed seeing all the little bits of fabric turn into blocks and then into a quilt. First we started with a cup of tea (as you do!) and a Mars bar cookie for energy  and then we practices rotary cutting and came out the other side with all our fingers!

Then she had a refresher on sewing machines and sewing straight lines!
Then after lots of sewing, pressing (and some more tea!) and coughing (on my part!)
Ta Da! A quilter is born!
We even did some design modification (see the cute little purple insert in the binding) since the black fabric in the kit was about an inch too short!  Candy was really pleased with the way it turned out and now she's planning her next project and how soon she can buy her own sewing machine.  Great work Candy!

Thanks also again to Fiona from Finding Fifth for the mini quilt kit, it was just the right thing for today!


  1. Love it! Nice to introduce quilting to someone! She won't know what's hit her now! :)

  2. oooh, lovely
    Another one over to the 'Quilty Side' ;-)


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