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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Craftsy BOM July and a Fat Letterbox!

Well, the Craftsy blocks for July were dresden plates, which I quite like and have made before but not with as many blades as these.  I did find that the blades were too short for my liking as I prefer a smaller centre but that was after I made two sets!  The first set is to go with the rest of my Craftsy blocks:

These I made to add to my red, black and white blocks from Quilting Block Swaps Australia:

I quite like them in black, white and red! I also made a couple of other blocks which I was happy with:

and one I'm not so thrilled with!

Its a little busy I think! Oh well, can't all be successes!

I've had a lovely couple of days with interesting parcels arriving.  First yesterday I received a surprise from Sue at Quilted Hugs. A lovely bag of scraps which Sue was going to throw away and sent to me instead after a comment I made on her blog!

What a lovely surprise! I'm planning on tackling a crumb quilt soon so these will definitely get used for that! Thanks so much Sue!

Then today I received two more parcels. One was a DVD called Our Idiot Brother that I won on the Samelia's Mum blog!

Looking forward to a video night on the weekend now! Thanks Anorina!

The second parcel was my eagerly awaited order from Pink Chalk Fabrics.  I bought some lovely fabrics recently, not with any real projects in mind but they just called my name (and they were on sale) - you know how it is!

Aren't these lovely?

I seem to be having a lime green phase at the moment (not to mention pink!):
And these, well just because!

Lovely fabrics, can never have too much! (Just don't tell my other half!)

Thanks for reading my waffle, er blog today!

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  1. Ooh you've been very productive with all those blocks! I love seeing what you're making!

    Yay for fun mail! How awesome to get fabric and scraps and a giveaway all in a week!


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