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Friday, 13 July 2012

Black, White and Red Progress

When I joined the Quilting Block Swap Australia swap I didn't have a clear idea in mind of what I would do with my blocks when I started but I decided after a few months that I would make a black, white and red quilt (lets call it BWRQ for now) for a Christmas gift for someone (who shall remain nameless at this point).  Since I'm also working on the Craftsy BOM quilt and want to gift that for Christmas as well (and the last blocks for that don't come out until October) I decided I should get cracking on making sure I had enough blocks for the BWRQ and get it put together and quilted before October so I would have a free slate to get the Craftsy one done.

So I've been adding a block here and there to my collection and this is where I'm up to:

Its coming along. I think 16 blocks will be enough by the time I add sashing and I think I might add a border as well and that should get me to the right size. I'll wait and see what my block swap partner sends me this month and if its a BWR block I'll only need one more - yay!

I found a book at the library this week that I thought sounded interesting and so far it has been. Its called Scrap Therapy - Cut the Scraps! (7 Steps to Quilting Your Way through Your Stash) by Joan Ford.  I had a bit of a look through it last night and it sounds like a good approach. The idea is to cut your scraps (over a period of time) into either 5", 3.5" and 2" squares according to the size of  what you're starting with and then when you want to make a scrap quilt you grab the pieces and away you go. These sizes will work together well too.

She does suggest anything smaller than 2" square you should throw away but I'm determined to have a go at a crumb quilt this year so I think I'll hold on to them for now until I've given it a go and know whether I like the process/result.

What does everyone else get up to with their scraps?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Your red, white and black quilt is looking fabulous!

    As for scraps, I tend to keep even the smaller ones as I can often use them in my paper piecing. That said, I have wwaaaayyyy too many scraps hehe.

  2. Hi Sue, your BWRQ is looking lovely. Great idea cutting scraps into sizes. May have to think about that next time I have a tidy up

  3. I am like you..... I hang onto all of my scraps, even the small pieces and because I do a lot of applique I use them all!

    Like your BWRQ, going to look great!


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