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Monday, 4 June 2012

Craftsy Blocks Update - June

I've managed to get cracking on the Craftsy Block of the Month this weekend, due to some unexpected chilly weather which didn't leave much scope for other outdoorsy type projects - great sewing weather though!

I must say I like this month's blocks a lot more than May's blocks.  I don't think the random style did much for me!  I really wasn't happy with my end results as one ended with a very narrow border which was going to be a pain when joining the batting and the other just seemed too dark.  I ended up cutting the blocks back a bit and reworking them.

This is what they looked like when I first finished them:

Here is the first one after I re-did the outer borders:

And the second one:

I'm much happier with them now. What do you think?

Anyway onto this month's blocks.  First my version of the Greek Cross:
and my Octagon block:

Finally, here are all the blocks I've got so far:
Some I love, some I don't but I think they're all going to work together. Just hope I've got enough of all the fabrics to get through to the end. I might have to buy one or two other co-ordinating fabrics just to be on the safe side!

Thanks for stopping by!

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