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Monday, 18 June 2012

A Bit of What I've Been Up to!

Well I'm in the middle of a busy week involving lots of different family things but I did manage to get a little bit done so thought I'd share where I'm at.

I've made some progress on my native flower wallhanging but I don't want to give too much away in case Kymberley stumbles across my post! I've done the backing which is all appliqued. After this photo I went on to free motion leaves and flowers etc on most of the coloured squares.

You might remember my photo of flowers I was fussy cutting, well I managed to come up with an arrangement I was happy with and fused them together on some baking paper so at least they were one big piece:

Then I cut some sheer fabrics into some leaf shapes to go behind the flowers and stitched them down. I have since fused these flowers onto the background and have started the long process of highlighting all the flowers with free motion. No more sharing on this project though until I've sent it to Kymberley for Christmas so it will be quite a wait!

In between other projects I've been making some bags for the hospital where my sister-in-law Kerrie works as a nurse.  A couple of weeks back I made a pile of small bags for the cardiac unit however I forgot to snap a photo before I sent them in to the hospital. Currently I'm working on some bags to hold drainage bags. A friend donated some fabric so they will be all sorts of different patterns but at the moment I've been seeing spots:

A while back I posted a photo of some table runners I was working on for gifts for a birthday in June and seeing as the dinner is next week I thought I really should get them finished! I decided to leave the extra applique that was in the original pattern off as I didn't think it worked with my fabric choices. I apologise for the standard of the photos, one of the fabrics has a gold sheen to it and didn't the camera flash find that. Its been too wet to take photos outside so this is the best I can do!

Hopefully the recipients like them!

One of the family things on the weekend was my mother-in-law, Betty's 80th birthday get together at a restaurant on the banks of the Murray River at Murray Bridge. The food was great, the view was lovely and she seemed to enjoy the day. Coincidentally my father-in-law also has his birthday on the same day as Mum but his 80th was last year so this time Mum was the star of the moment!  My husband's birthday is the day after theirs, just for more birthday cramming!

So Happy 80th Birthday Mum!

Well that's it for now. Thanks for reading my ramblings!


  1. You are working on such wonderful projects. I love those native flowers and wiggly table runners. Happy Birthday to your mum!!

  2. The wall hanging is going to look gorgeous!

  3. Oh you've been busy! Hope your mum had a wonderful birthday!

    Loving the backing of the wall hanging. It's going to be a fab quilt!


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