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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Blues abound!

I've been a bit slack of late but have been meaning to share a project I started collecting fabrics for last year after finding a blue fabric I had to have and then finding the right project.  I wanted a hand stitched project for me to do in front of the TV at night when I can't work on my sewing machine (given that it lives in the hallway outside all the bedrooms night sewing is not an option in this house!).  My goal was a quilt for me as I have made a few for other people but still don't have anything I can use!

I found a pattern called Cathedral Ceiling by Leesa Chandler in one of my old Australian Patchwork & Quilting magazines and then set about collecting some co-ordinating fabrics, all in blues as I would like this quilt to go on our bed and our room is blue.

Anyhoo, I started making the little dresden plates in the blues and before long I had quite a few.  I realised I hadn't taken a photo of this project so here are the plates I have so far:

If I make the quilt the same size as the pattern I will need 144 plates but I might drop the size a little to 121 as I think it might be too large.  I already have just over 60 so I'm half way there on the blue units.  I plan to use more of the blue patterned fabric (the one in the centre of the photo with a touch of red in it) as that is the fabric I originally found.  I also really love the fabric at the bottom left and will probably use as much of that as I have too!

These pieces will be put together with a contrast fabric which I'm thinking might be something like this:
I have some squares of this fabric which was in a bag of fabric that someone gave me but I'm not sure I would have enough as I also need to make suffolk puffs for the centre of each block as well. I don't even want to think about that part yet!  Anyway, that's where I'm up to with that one.

Speaking of blues, I'm taking part in a Rainbow Charm Swap at Quilting Club Australia (a group on Facebook) and no surprise there that I chose blue for my contribution!  These are the fabrics I used for mine:
 and here they are all sliced and diced  (on a blue cutting board of course)!
I posted them today so now I just have to wait until everyone else has theirs in and then I get a lovely rainbow filled parcel in the post! Yay!  Not sure what I'll do with them yet but I've got plenty to go on with while I ponder that problem in the back of my mind.

I finished my star quilt top today but no photo yet so I'll post about that in a day or two once I've got some eye candy to show you! I'm really happy with it, can't wait to show it off!

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  1. Wow I'm impressed by all that hand sewing! That's going to be a beautiful quilt!


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