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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Where does the time go?

I've been meaning to post an entry here for a week and I never seem to get to it! Mind you all the giveaways happening at the Sew Mamma Sew blog this week kept me out of mischief for several evenings checking out new blogs and entering competitions. No luck though it seems! Maybe next time will be my turn.

I have managed to fit in some sewing among other commitments this week, such as work, having gas connected and a new hot water service, visiting the blood bank, helping out my hubby's elderly aunt with some home maintenance and helping hubby out with hunting out two dreaded rats from his bird aviary. Yuck! We had some very wet weather this week in Adelaide and clearly they decided our aviary was a nice dry place to be.  No longer though!

I have been trying to finish off a quilt for my best friend's Mum who is having treatment for cancer and I'm nearly there despite interruptions. The binding is on but needs turning to the back and hand stitching closed and I'm partway through making the label so not far to go now.  Just needs a wash then and it'll be done! I'll post a photo when its all finished and pretty.

For now I thought I'd share a photo of some new fabric I received last week. Its the first time I had ordered from Pink Chalk Fabrics, a site I happened upon through one of the blogs I'm following (not even sure how I got there now!). They had some lovely fabrics on sale so I couldn't resist but just a half yard of each. Not sure what they'll be used for but just had to have them, you know how it is!

From left the first two are Kate Spain Good Fortune Lantern Flower Tranquility, Valori Wells Karavan Quartz Blossom, the next four are all Carolyn Gavin starting with Soul Garden Flower Garden White, Soul Sketch Pad Pink, Soul Sketch Pad Blue and Soul Garden Butterfly Yellow.

I also had a nice little surprise parcel included with my order, perhaps because I was a new customer.

It included a voucher for 15% of my next order, a reel of Mako variegated thread, a cute little retractable tape measure and a handy laminated card with Standard Quilt Sizes on one side and a pretty quilt photo on the other. I love surprises, don't you?

Then I needed to head off to Spotlight (a discount homewares shop here in Australia) as I needed some tearaway stabiliser to use on my friend's Mum's quilt. Dragging a thrilled husband along (fairly sure he won't come again!) it happened to be Sewing Saturday so there were loads of specials and I also had a voucher for 40% off if you spent over $100. As there was 20% off wadding I decided to stock up on some bamboo/cotton wadding, and picked up these fat quarters as well to perhaps use to make some blocks to go with my Quilting Block Swap Australia blocks I'm collecting in these colours.

I also bought some polyester wadding for a new technique I want to try from a book I bought recently written by Geta Grama who is a Romanian Quilter.

Its a technique using organza and polyester wadding over solid fabric. Gorgeous quilts result! The book has loads of different sized projects and a CD containing all the printable patterns.  I originally found Geta through her blog, she does beautiful work! I just need to find some water soluble thread and I'll have all the bits and pieces I need to give this technique a go!

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  1. Gosh sounds like you've been busy!

    Loving your new fabric additions! How great to get some surprises in the package. I always love if they send little fabric scraps or charm squares. It's the little things! ;)

    You ought to come join us in Quilt Club Australia if you're on facebook! :)

    1. I'll do that Kristy. Thanks for the invite!

  2. Wow, What a lot of goodies!! How nice of Pink Chalk to send the extras, things like that make a huge difference.

    1. Its a nice little touch that makes you want to shop there again I think. Who doesn't like to get surprises!?


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