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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Squishy in the Mail

Ooh, lucky me! I got a squishy in the mail today!  Luckily it was safely sealed in a plastic sleeve as the poor envelope got somewhat soggy while waiting in our letterbox, otherwise it would have been squishy for another reason!  For a change we had some lovely rain in Adelaide, always a good thing as far as I'm concerned!

Anyway, the lovely Kathy from NSW sent me this gorgeous creation, tied up with a beautiful blue ribbon and some goodies to make a cup of tea to christen it:

and here is the back:

Kathy must have known my favourite colour is blue. Thank you Kathy, great job!

Sue xx

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  1. Hi Sue - Glad you liked your Mug Rug ( and I am so happy I put it in plastic so it did not get wet). I also love my Mug Rug though my daughter has now claimed it! I might have to buy her a cute tea set to go with it!


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