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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Children should not be allowed to breathe on you!

Don't get me wrong I love my two boys but Kieran has a cold at the moment and he has clearly breathed on me as now I'm lucky enough to have it too! That's the kind of sharing I could do without!

Normally I'm busy quilting on Wednesdays (my day off) and I sort of was today but instead of sewing my projects I went to visit a friend, Jeanette, at Virginia who has been quilting for a long time and has made more quilts than I ever will I'm sure. Jeanette is an older lady who my husband met through his bird club (aviary type birds is what I'm talking about here!) at about the same time as I felt I just needed to start this whole quilting thing.  She's been lovely and encouraging and while we don't catch up too often due to my work and Virginia being a good distance away, its nice to have someone to have a natter to about all things quilting. She likes it as she is not computer savvy so I fill her in on all the things I find on the net and she is right up with other more traditional techniques if I need some advice.

Anyway she mentioned at one stage that she had never tried foundation piecing as she couldn't quite get her head around it and as my first quilt was all foundation pieced I offered to show her how it works.  Anyway today (despite this cold trying to stop me) I headed out to her place to give her a 'tutorial'!  She was easy to teach once she got used to the idea of forgetting about matching edges and 1/4" seams!  Now Jeanette is off to look back through her books for more blocks to try, with a plan of tackling a foundation pieced Mariner's Compass quilt she has been wanting to try for ages.  Nice to think I've been able to give her inspiration to try something new!

No photos of today as my fuzzy cold riddled head left the camera home but here's a nice photo of my gorgeous old dog Molly 'helping' hubby to hunt out our recent rat visitors in our aviary!

Well, more in a supervisory capacity I would say!

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  1. Oh hope you're feeling better soon! So kind of the kids to share their colds!

    I think that's great you were able to share your quilty knowledge with your friend! A Mariner's compass looks so amazing!

    1. My husband is also thrilled as he tells me apparently I turned over in my sleep last night and then coughed right in his face! Looks like he'll be joining the land of the snotty! I did apologise but to be fair I was ASLEEP!


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