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Friday, 17 February 2012

Scrappy Quilt Sandwich Nightmare!

This week I managed to get this quilt sandwiched together despite my best efforts! Clearly Wednesday was not my day! More on that later!

This quilt is one that my mother-in-law Betty gave me and asked me to quilt for her. She didn't make it but was given it by someone who suggested she 'cut it up and make bags out of it'. Fortunately she decided it was too nice to do that to!

It is the first quilt I have quilted that I haven't made so the sandwiching process was interesting as the more closely I looked at the quilt, the more I saw! I also saw possible issues for quilting but I'll deal with them when I come to them. It looks to have been made using all types of fabrics which may have been taken from recycled clothing. Some look like school shirts, there are some cute little fussy cut koalas and lots of nice bits and pieces.  I particularly like the one with all the blues in it.  It wasn't until I took a photo of the quilt that I noticed that different blocks looked a different shape due to the way the fabrics were put together. Some look like crosses and others stars. Interesting!

I got it all layed out on my outside picnic table with a trestle next to it. I stretched out the backing, layed over the wadding, spread out the quilt top and then decided I needed to move the wadding over a bit to make sure the whole quilt was covered. So I untaped the wadding, wiggled it over and flattened it out again. All good. I layed out the quilt top again, happy I had it all under control now and started pinning. After I was all done and started to take the tape off around the edge I discovered to my joy that I had managed to move the wadding about 2 inches too far across and now the backing wasn't quite covering the top, AAARGH!  Being the lazy sort I was NOT going to pull out all those damn pins again so I cut off  some of the fabric from along another edge where there was extra and cut it in two lengthways and with the quilt still pinned together, added it to the backing. I'm not really very happy with the way its lying and not really happy about having a seam so close to one edge but its done!

I decided that after that effort I should avoid any further quilting that day for fear of dreadful results.  I did bravely try out a new recipe for dinner that night and while I liked it, it wasn't a real winner so I think I was just having an off day altogether.

I noticed that a couple of the corners of the quilt don't lay flat so I'm hoping I can sort that out in the quilting! I took a photo so I'd be able to compare and see how they come out.

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