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Sunday, 12 February 2012

I've Missed My Machine!

Now that my wonderful machine is back I've been making up for lost time!  I got stuck into things and put together the backing for a quilt top my lovely mother-in-law Betty gave me and asked me to quilt for her. I had planned to put the sandwich together while my machine was in for service but, fool that I am, forgot that I needed to piece the backing first! Only when I was ironing the fabric did it occur to me that I should have done that before taking the machine in!  Still its done now and I will sandwich that job up on Wednesday on my day off.

Then I added a pieced border to another quilt I'm doing for a gift for someone who is having treatment for cancer. I also made a pieced backing for that as well as discovering I need to buy more wadding before I can finish that quilt off! (Sigh!)

Today after helping my son Simon (who want's to be a chef) to make a marinade for some pork ribs, helped my husband in a consultant capacity with a project in his bird aviary (as he can't seem to do these things without my input) and helped my older son Kieran to hang a large Chinese fan on the wall in his room I finally managed to get to the sewing machine. I don't know why these people can't leave me be, don't they know I need to be sewing! Anyway I made it to the machine after an early lunch!

I finished my second February Craftsy block which I'm quite happy with.  These are the 4 blocks I've done so far:

Then I started on my Solstice Stars blocks from Fresh Lemons Quilts Blog http://www.freshlemonsquilts.com/?page_id=1534  I've made two today, the Ribbon Star and Another Star. Its called Another Star I don't just mean I made another star! I'm really happy with the way they turned out too!  Not sure what my aim is with them but I'm making them in fabrics that I like so maybe I'll turn them into something for me! That would be a first!

Oh and the marinated ribs were just lovely! I love having tea cooked for me, I could get very used to that!

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