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Saturday, 7 January 2012

My Quilting Journey - Part 5 - Berries and Blooms

This was a little quilt (about the size of a placemat) which I made for Betty Hutton (better known to all at Auntie Betty). She lives in a retirement village and has a little window set into her wall which at some stage would have held an old-type airconditioner and has been replaced (before she got there) with a leadlight glass pane. Only problem is that at night it lines up directly with a streetlight outside and lights up her loungeroom and bedroom! To solve that problem she had put in an old bit of cardboard so I offered to make a little quilt to fit instead. I found a nice applique pattern on the USA Better Homes & Garden website (I think that's where I found it anyway) and hand appliqued that and then attached some handstitched small blocks along each edge to make it the right size. Then I hand quilted it as well. It was a nice small project for a change. The only tricky bit was figuring out how to keep it in the window but I sewed some velcro dots to the back and then stuck the other half to the window. So far so good!

And here is a photo of the label because I remembered to take a photo of it for a change!

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