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Sunday, 1 January 2012

My Quilting Journey Part 2 - Dresden Wedding Quilt

My next quilt was to be a wedding present for my husband Brian's youngest daughter Kymberley who was engaged to Scott, a Canadian she had met when on an overseas holiday to England and Ireland.  When they got engaged they decided to get married in Northern Ireland on the anniversary of the date they met two years later but we couldn't afford to fly over to the wedding.  I decided I would make a quilt for the wedding but it took a fair bit longer than that to finish!  I found the pattern in Australian Patchwork & Quilting Vol 15 No 6 and it was meant to be because I already had a set of dresden plate templates which I had bought the year before at the Quilt Fair.  Must have known I'd need them! Once I picked my design the longest part was finding 26 different fabrics to co-ordinate in my theme colours of plum and emerald green which were her colours of choice (mind you she didn't know why I wanted to know what her favourite colours were!).
I found it difficult to find plum coloured fabrics as opposed to purple but got there in the end. In my travels I ended up with a fabric which I later decided would be perfect for the border but by then I couldn't remember where I bought it from.  I then tried http://www.equilter.com/ and luckily there it was on their website - perfect.  By the time I finished quilting the quilt they had been married nearly twelve months but it did mean that they had arrived back in Australia to stay for a couple of years so at least I didn't have to post it to them.  Its hard to see but around the centre dresden plate I quilted some gum leaves for Kymberley, a maple leaf for Scott, a four leaf clover for Ireland and a loveheart with their initials and their wedding date.  Kymberley was thrilled with it as it was something of their own as they are always travelling they haven't really got any possessions of their own. Scott's Mum and Dad came to visit while they were here and they ended up taking it back to Canada for them as now they are on a long trip back to Canada via Africa, Middle East and the UK.
Anyway, here it is:

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