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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Block of the Month - Craftsy - First Blocks!

2012 must be the year of starting new things for me! I also joined the Craftsy BOM and today I made the two January blocks, an asterix and a wonky pound (although I saw it more as a hash symbol). I'm thinking I might give the finished quilt to my husband's granddaughter Serena for Christmas but that would mean I'd have to get cracking on the borders and quilting as soon as all the blocks are done in September/October and I'm so slow at getting things quilted! We'll see!  Anyway these are the first two blocks:

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  1. Hi Sue,

    I see you are a fellow Aussie doing Craftsy BOM. Me too! I am also a new blogger and am also doing the Quilting Blocks Swaps Australia. Wow that's alot of 'alsos'! I look forward to following your quilting and blogging journey. If you have a spare minute click over to http://sewwellmaide.com.au/ and say hello to me.



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